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the debut

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

well, here is the debut of our blog. we no longer can say, “we’ll have to put up a blog so that we can post this!” so…here we are. our purpose is to share our hiking adventures with you. in order to do that, we should tell you a little about who we are and where we live. kelli and i (annie) live in southwest washington (state not capital). we are both teachers at a local high school, where we teach students with disabilities. and we are terrific friends. we are the same age (although kelli is older by a few months). there are many similarities between us, and many differences. so before we talk hiking, this first entry will be a quiz for you, our reader.

Please answer A. Kelli, B. Annie, C. Both, or D. None of these

1. The campaign to recognize the state food as “ice cream” is being spearheaded by…?
2. JoAnn’s Fabric Store is like a candy store according to…?
3. Your technology question can most likely be answered by…?
4. Everyone who knows ____ insists she wears a halo.
5. Quiet/Withdrawal time is for…?
6. “Walk into a bookstore, and all is right in the world.” would be said by…?
7. ___ can’t ever hope to get a halo(but she is starting her own realm).
8. ___ loves the work that we do.
9. ___ is kind, good-hearted, sensitive, fit, and beautiful.
10. ___ is more of a bitch.

1. A, 2. A, 3. B, 4. A, 5. C, 6. B, 7. B, 8. C, 9. A, 10. B

Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer. (Be honest…I (Annie) won’t mind that you called me a bitch.) Kelli also mentions that her goal is to have all people, everywhere, become addicted to ice cream. You can give yourself a bonus point if you knew that.

8-11 points:
You obviously are in our inner circle. Pat yourself on the back because you are part of a short list. (Although, technically, Kelli’s list is longer than Annie’s…we’re talking collectively here.) If you are in Kelli’s circle, luck abounds for you! If you are in Annie’s circle, our apologies. (However, I (Annie) know my circle of friends are fiercely protective and think I am wonderful…they also know I (Annie) am sarcastic and often use humor inappropriately.) If you scored this high, you already know us! Hooray for you! (Or, you cheated?)

4-7 points:
You may be a good test taker. You may know one of us, but didn’t know that we are both introverts. We often think people would be surprised to find out how similar we are in many ways. We ‘present’ ourselves as polar opposites, but we have a lot in common. Keep coming back to check the blog…you’ll get to know us better. (Maybe we’ll get to know you too.)

0-3 points:
You obviously are not a good test taker or you thrive on failure. Annie likes you already! You don’t know who the hell we are and maybe aren’t even sure how you ended up taking this damn quiz. But…it reminds you of Cosmo or Maxim, so there you have it. You are not aware of the odd coupling that is Kelli and Annie. You didn’t know that Annie curses like a sailor, while Kelli never utters the slightest swear word. Although, she (Kelli) insists that she (Kelli) has in the privacy of her own home. Annie insists that doesn’t count…kind of like “if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it…”. We also have a standing bet/agreement so that one day I (Annie) may actually get to hear Kelli swear in public! So far…no luck (unless you count “Crime” as a curse word). Anyway, we’ll keep you posted.