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the picture of insanity…and joy

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

i am not posting specifics on this because this wasn’t exactly a hike. this pic was taken along the rim trail at grand canyon national park. pure bliss.

grand canyon rim trail pic

grand canyon national park – south rim, bright angel trail

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

date hiked: december 27, 2006
distance: 9.2 miles
elevation: 6785 feet (at trailhead) – 3800 feet (at indian garden)
time: 7 hours (see below entry)

have i mentioned recently that i am an idiot? or that i have a mental illness? i am sure that there are some basic tenants of hiking that we could all agree on. i could conduct a poll, but i don’t think there would be a difference of opinion on such things. unless you’re an idiot. or you have a mental illness. or both.

i blame it all on my parents. or on florida. or snow. or something.

i decided to take tyler to the grand canyon over the winter holiday. even though i had just been there this past summer, tyler had not been with me and neither of us had ever been to the south rim. we figured it would be a perfect time to go because we’d avoid the summer mob and heat. actually, i thought this; tyler didn’t care because he likes people more than i do. so, after planning, i bought my new waterproof hiking boots and headed on the trip.

did anyone catch that? i bought brand, new hiking boots and hopped on a plane without ever actually trying them out for …oh…hiking (or even walking)! it’s been over a month and i’m still looking over my shoulder waiting for someone to ‘baker act’ me (involuntary commit).

as i started my solo journey (tyler has sworn off hiking) down the bright angel trail, it was somewhat chilly but soon my fast descent warmed me up. it was beautiful and i must say i was pleasantly surprised. the trail was quite busy too…but much like the north rim trails during the summer months.

Bright Angel Trail 

the above picture was taken on the trail. at some point my boots started to rub against my ankles. i stopped to put blister band-aids on them and kept going. it didn’t help. very soon after that i realized that things were not going as planned. by this point i had decided to turn around at indian gardens. i was on the ascent and could tell the sky was getting rather dark. i changed socks…thinking…maybe psychologically that’ll be almost like changing shoes. i must mention that i’ve had blisters before…rather bad ones. i also don’t consider myself a wimp…i mean…i gave birth, right? anyway, my ankle bones hurt…bad. so as the clouds came in and it began to snow…i had to stop to catch snowflakes in my mouth.

Bright Angel Trail

eventually, my pace slowed to a crawl (almost quite literally) and after over a month my ankles still have not healed.

moral of the story: well assuming you have an interest in being moral…don’t buy new shoes or buy thicker skin.