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eagle creek

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

date hiked: june 27, 2007
distance: 8 miles
highest elevation: 800 – 1200 feet
elevation gain: 640 – 1200 feet
time: 2 hours 54 minutes

eagle creek crossing

i find it rather odd that there are stepping stones in place to help me cross a creek. rocks, i understand. pieces of timber, i understand. but my brain is having a difficult time wrapping itself around decorative stepping stones. shouldn’t there be a hanging wind chime above? gosh…i believe i’m sounding cynical. i really just found it odd. eagle creek is a great trail. lots of water, cliffs, waterfalls. it’s quite busy…so you’re never on your own. personally, i was getting a little frustrated by my recent failed adventures…where i just ended up lost. so i decided i’d hike someplace i already knew i could find.

more importantly…this was my first official hike for the summer. woohoo! monday was my last day of work until the end of august…so i can hike during the week and on the weekend. double woohoo! 

siouxon creek #2

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

date hiked: may 28, 2007
distance: 8.24 miles
highest elevation: 3400 feet
elevation gain: 700 feet
time: i forgot to write it down ;-)… maybe 4 hours?

siouxon creek

every once in awhile, i manage to take a picture that captures a hike perfectly. siouxon creek is amazingly beautiful…almost other-wordly. at one point, i was sure i had found curious george’s house and the man with the yellow hat would be near by.

this was actually my third time trying to hike siouxon creek. the first time, i never found the trailhead. the second time, i found the upper part of the trail which i hiked a few weeks ago. this time i came back looking for the more popular trailhead. it doesn’t take long to figure out why siouxon creek is a populated trail. the trail is open to mountain bikers, hikers, and horse riders. the trail runs along the creek, never straying far from view. there are several trails to explore in the area. i was on my way to chinook falls, a 50-foot drop over a sheer cliff.

chinook falls

i fell asleep in the rocks at the base of the falls. it was such an awesome day. after some time, i explored some side trails…flitted about…searched for curious george…and headed back.

oxbow regional park and sherrard point

Friday, June 29th, 2007

date hiked: may 26, 2007
distance: .5 miles (sherrard point)
highest elevation: 4056 feet (sherrard point)
elevation gain: 230 feet (sherrard point)
time: 1 hour (sherrard point)

my friend tammy had knee surgery in february. she’s had a difficult recovery. her physical therapist told her to try to get “out” more. so tam asked if i would take her on a “nature walk”. i thought sherrard point would be perfect. it’s a 1/4 mile to this great overlook. on a clear day you can see mt. rainier, mt. st. helens, mt. adams, mt. hood, and mt. jefferson. it’s at the top of larch mountain. it’s a paved trail…perfectly safe. of course, i forgot about the stairs. and it wasn’t even a clear day.

mt hood from sherrard point

mt. hood was the only mountain somewhat visible from sherrard point that day. yet, tam still wanted to head up those stairs. so much for my great idea.

on our way up to larch mountain we took a detour to oxbow regional park. neither of us had ever been there, yet had always passed the signs. the park sits along the sandy river. we walked for about a mile along a trail next to the river. we were surprised it wasn’t busy due to it being memorial day weekend. it was quiet.

oxbow regional park