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Tunnel Falls – Eagle Creek Trail

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

date hiked: August 25, 2007
distance: 12 miles
highest elevation: unknown
elevation gain: 1000 ft
time: 4.5 hours

Tunnel Falls

Hiking to Tunnel Falls is now one of my all time favorite hikes. The only down-side…it is an out and back hike, not a loop (and we all know I love loops). My friend Jen and I hiked to the falls, scheming, plotting, and hatching plans along the way. The coolest thing about the falls, of course, is that (as the name implies) the trail tunnels behind them. And if you choose (as I did) you can get soaked by really cold water. People who act more like adults (like Jen), can stay dry. 

Comet Falls Trail – Mt. Rainier NP

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

date hiked: August 15, 2007
distance: 3.8 miles
highest elevation: approx. 6000
elevation gain: 2160 ft
time: 1.5 hours

Comet Falls Trail

This was a killer hike for me. Two thousand feet up in one and a half mile. It was steep. At least for me. Because I’m a crappy hiker. Yet, I still love it. This was also a weird hike for me internally. I chose the hike to see Comet Falls, one of the tallest in the park. Along the hike you are supposed to be able to glimpse the falls several times. At each switchback, I could hear the thundering water become louder but could never see anything. Not one drop of water, anywhere. The overgrowth of greenery and brush had blocked everything. It became somewhat odd. Hearing all indications of a massive, plunging, waterfall but not even seeing the riverbed that it feeds into. I was enclosed in a forest. I never saw water or Mt. Rainier. Then, all of a sudden, the forest opened up and Mt. Rainier was standing there. The water fall came soon after. I loved that moment.

Mrytle Falls Trail – Mt. Rainier NP

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

date hiked: August 15, 2007
distance: 1 miles
highest elevation: unknown
elevation gain: unknown
time: unknown

Mrytle Falls

A completely paved trail imbedded in the network of trails surrounding the vistor center at Paradise in Mt. Rainier NP. Somewhat of a spur trail off the Paradise Glacier trail (which used to lead to ice caves that have since melted), this little juant is a spectacular view of the mountain and falls. However, it is packed with people.

High Lakes Trail Loop – Mt Rainier NP

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

date hiked: August 14, 2007
distance: 2.7 miles
highest elevation: approx. 4867 ft
elevation gain: unknown
time: unknown

This easy hike explores the area around Reflection Lakes, which some consider the most photograghed spot on Mt. Rainier.

Tatoosh Range

There are amazing views of Mt. Rainier along the trail, some reflecting in the waters of the lakes. But I loved hiking along Mazama Ridge and looking back to this view of the Tatoosh Range. I think it made it seem like I had come so much farther than I really had.

Tyler across bridge 

It was nice to have Tyler come along this hike. Everything was so green and bright. There were also plenty of bugs!