Devil’s Rest via Wahkeena (starting at Multnomah)

date hiked: June 1, 2008
distance: 8.5 miles
highest elevation: 2400 feet
elevation gain: 2400 feet
time: 3.5 hours


It was a classic Pacific Northwest day on this hike. Misty and cloudy…yet still beautiful. I had decided this year that I would hike no matter what the weather (within reason) because if I waited for it to stop raining I’d never get to head out. I have discovered some of my favorite hikes are on rainy days. For one, it rarely rains very hard, so a raincoat covers things well. Second, not many people hike in the rain so I usually have the trail to myself.

Devil’s Rest is a pile of boulders in the trees. Literally. Most books prepare you to be disappointed because you work really hard to get to the top, yet there’s not much to see once you’re there. Along the way, however, there are some great views…even on a rainy, cloud-covered day. I imagine on a clear day it’s even grander. 

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