Eagle Creek

date hiked: June 14, 2008
distance: @15 miles
highest elevation: @1400 feet
elevation gain: @1400 feet
time: 4.5 hours


I was back out at Eagle Creek today, but I had decided to hike further then I ever had before. I figured I’d hike to what’s named 7 1/2 mile camp then turn around. It was a gorgeous day. When I arrived at the trailhead there was a SAR (search and rescue) going on. I immediately realized I had no idea what the appropriate ettiquette is. Is the trail still open? Am I supposed to follow certain rules while on the trail? Of course, I had to ask. And I got a look…like, “Are you an idiot?” So…I plugged in my iPod and went about my way (on the obviously open trail, duh).

The hike was awesome. The picture above is just beyond Tunnel Falls. It’s sometimes called Twister Falls or Crisscross Falls. It was so cool. Oh…and the SAR was successful. They were coming out when I was at about the 3 mile mark. Woohoo! Safe backpackers and hikers!

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