Fern Canyon – Redwood National Park

date hiked: June 21, 2008
distance: 2.2 miles
elevation gain: 317 feet
time: 1 hour


After setting up camp in Elk Prairie Campground we set out for the coast to Gold Bluffs Beach and the Fern Canyon Loop trail. The trail’s name describes it perfectly…a wide walk through a fern covered canyon. It seems other wordly at times. It is often hard for me to imagine how such beauty finds its way in the world. It feels to big, too overwhelming. It was a perfect introduction to the area.

There was a herd of elk hanging out on the beach. On the way out of the canyon, one of the elk had blocked the trail. He was within 30 feet of the trail and you had to go by him to get out. We were on a ridge so you couldn’t move around him. According to the park, the elk in this herd have been known to chase people so I was willing to wait until he moved out. However, Tyler was a brazen, brave soul and quietly walked by on the trail. So…I followed.


After our near elk charge…we went and played in the ocean for a bit. Tyler splashed me more than I managed to splash him. We headed back to camp and went to sleep.

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